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Ditch the office politics and find your path.

Our team of coaches is committed to fueling your passion, empowering you to craft your ideal career path, free from the workplace politics.

career coach for women

Tap into your career's hidden power and level up with a career coach by your side

Yes Girl Career Coaching is all about empowering women in corporate environments. We get the challenges of navigating corporate mazes, dealing with biases, and facing exclusion. Our coaching comes in different flavors — quick chats for a fresh perspective, coaching sessions for real moves, and inspirational emails to keep that fire burning. When you roll with us, we're not just talk; we're giving you the tools to own your career journey and kick obstacles to the curb. Let's turn your goals into victories and unleash that untapped potential. Success is certainly not a walk in the park, but we're here to make it a reality. Coaching can make all the difference to unlocking your greatness. Let us be your "ride-or-die" in this journey to unleashing your full potential and hitting your goals. We're riding this wave with you, all the way to victory!

Conference Room

Unlock Your Inner Drive: Let's Make Moves.

Break barriers with confidence.

Bias & Blindspot Navigation

Proactive solutions to tackle biases head-on.

Corporate Translation

Simplify corporate jargon to showcase your know-how.

Value Based Approach

Techniques to be value-driven, dodging the trap of doing it all.

Career Accelerators

Execute strategies to thrive in any corporate environment.

See what the talk is about.

"I was initially skeptical, but the Career Coach offered suggestions that I did not even think about."

Personalized Coaching, Straight from Real-World Know-How.

We're professional women coaching women -- we grasp the distinct challenges and opportunities that come with being a woman in Corporate America.

     Flex with your flow.

Pay-as-You-Go to take charge of your career journey at your desired pace. We're all about you feeling empowered to craft your path at your own rhythm.

     Resources tailor-made just for you.

Get access to a diverse stash of career resources handpicked just for you. We curate top-notch assessments, books, podcasts, videos, blogs, and online courses specific to your needs.

     Blueprint to level up.

We're right there in the mix, crafting a plan that's all about your goals. This ain't your typical career service – we're the catalysts for change, knowing the real deal on what it takes to transform.

Your journey, your questions – let's unravel them together.

Explore the wealth of insights to commonly asked questions. But hey, if you've got more burning questions or just want to vibe with us, hit us up at We're all about sharing our passion, and we're stoked to connect with you. Your questions, your vibe – it's all part of the journey, and we can't wait to roll with you through it.

Why choose career coaching?

Career coaching isn't a luxury—it's a valuable resource for anyone. If you feel lost, stuck in a cycle, or see negative patterns in your career, it's time for a change. Yes Girl Career Coaching, will "cut to the chase" and help you create a tailored action plan to navigate your career with ease. We're focused on coaching women in Corporate America, and offer highly competitive rates with no commitments. Start your journey with us...there's everything to gain.

What's the Cost of Career Coaching with Yes Girl Career Coaching?

We pride ourselves on being highly competitive in the industry. Our pricing is tailored to your unique needs, taking into account your current career successes and the challenges you're facing. Our comprehensive fees are all-inclusive, ranging from just $75 to $250 per session. This covers chat, email, and scheduled access to your dedicated coach. The majority of our clients experience significant improvements after just the initial complimentary session.

What to Expect in a Virtual Career Coaching Session?

Your initial session begins with a tailored approach. We collect details about you, including your LinkedIn profile. Before the session, we'll conduct a thorough review of your online presence, current company activities, background, and experience. The first session follows a structured agenda: introductions, an exploration of your challenges, a high-level overview of your career goals, and a discussion of the next steps to shape your action plan. For many clients, this initial meeting provides valuable insights. If you choose to continue, our rates, ranging from $75 to $250 per session, will focus on your specific career goals and leadership development.

Is Following Action Plans Challenging?

Receiving feedback, particularly on soft skills, can present unique challenges. Many of our clients possess strong business and technical skills but seek additional guidance in areas like personal brand management, relationship building, influence without authority, and effective leadership. Our experienced team, with backgrounds similar to yours, understands how to work with you to discover your distinctive leadership style. Our action plans are thoughtfully designed to consider your personal growth, life circumstances, and career goals.

Can Anyone Benefit from Our Coaching?

Absolutely. At Yes Girl Career Coaching, we are dedicated to inclusivity and support for all individuals, without discrimination in any of our programs, offerings, or activities. We uphold a strong commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment, welcoming clients regardless of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, and disability.

Can you help me even if I'm not in a corporate environment?

Absolutely! While our niche is navigating the ins and outs of medium to large corporations, we're all about versatility. Whether you're hustling in a dynamic startup, embracing the freelance life, or charting your course in any other professional landscape, our strategies are tailored to adapt. We're not just here for the corner offices and boardrooms – we're here for you, wherever you're making moves. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and insights that transcend the traditional corporate setting, helping you carve out a career path that perfectly aligns with your unique style and ambitions.

Break free from the rut.

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