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Why it's time to stop volunteering and start promoting at work.

Volunteering for projects at work can be a great way to build skills and demonstrate your commitment to the company. While this may seem noble, it can do more harm than good. Before volunteering for that next project at work, ask yourself if it will help your career or if you're taking it on because no one else wants to. To get ahead, promote yourself and your skills by being strategic about your tasks and how they fit into your overall goals.

What is volunteering at work?

There are certain instances when volunteering your time and labor is a good idea, such as when you're passionate about a social cause or non-profit organization. However, you should be aware that constantly giving away free labor above your defined role to your employer can often lead to more work being piled on you and feeling unvalued and unfairly compensated. When you're working for a for-profit entity, volunteering to take on additional assignments may not always be beneficial to your career.

Why is promoting at work more beneficial?

Volunteering for additional assignments at work can be an excellent way to develop new skills and build relationships. However, it's essential to be strategic about your commitments. Consider whether the assignment will further your career goals, help develop your skills or improve your relationship with your boss or client. Creating a few pieces of high-quality content is more likely to impress your boss or client than churning out low-quality content. It will also save you time and improve your professional brand. Remember that there are only so many hours in the day, so be strategic about your professional commitments.

How to start promoting at work?

When thinking about your career goals, always keep them at the forefront of your mind. Before committing to stretch assignments, especially in a large group setting, understand the rough time commitments and deadlines to ensure you're not taking on too much. It's okay to be silent and take your time before putting your name in the hat. Have regular meetings with your management team and make sure they understand your goals so they can keep you in mind for specific opportunities. When taking on an assignment, always create a win-win scenario -- be strategic, so you don't lose out.

What are the benefits of promoting at work?

As you gain more experience, you'll have more control over your time and work-life balance. The pace of movement in your career will also be more aligned with your expectations leading to greater confidence and increased self-advocacy. Remember, it's about the business of you, and creating the career you want is within reach with a few small steps.

To wrap things up

Don't know when to say no to volunteering opportunities? Check out our Podcast for some inspiration from Coach Kelly and Coach Shonna. They share their personal experiences of doing too much without seeing the results. You can avoid burnout later in your career by stop volunteering and promoting yourself at work instead.

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