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Stop Talking About It and Be About It

Iconic author and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou, once said, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”  Life is all about setting goals and working hard to see the change you desire in your life. Many speak about what they hope to achieve yet do not have the ambition to make it a reality. 

Talking about change is the easy part. Setting your mind to make that change requires determination, perseverance, and willpower.

Please continue to read to learn more about how to be about it, rather than talking about it.

The Vision

When one considers making a change in their life, either personally or professionally, it is rooted in the desire to evolve. Some may want to work on eliminating an undesirable attribute or behavior. Others may want to get in better health, eat cleaner, and exercise more. Regarding a professional career, one may dream of promotions, higher salaries, company influence, or resolving work issues. Change is the product of vision.

People dream of more significant opportunities and becoming their best version every day. All meaningful change comes from a powerful dream. The critical issue is that many individuals are more than willing to dream but are not willing to work to make their dreams come true. 

Excuses and Complaining Never Gets You Anywhere 

Often, it is way easier to justify a lack of drive due to an excuse. Some individuals may complain that making their vision a reality is too difficult. The truth is, excuses and complaining will get you nowhere. The main obstacle in the way is this line of thinking.

Specific goals will undoubtedly be challenging, but they are not impossible. The most extraordinary things in life require hard work, time, and patience.

It is more than simple to give up. As soon as you say, "this is too hard" or "I cannot do this," you have decided to compromise an incredible dream. If you stay firm and persistent, you can appreciate the hard work, effort, and drive that made your dream possible. Nothing is more fulfilling than enjoying the fruits of your labor and taking pride that you achieved what you set out to do. As a woman of color, you experience even more social obstacles and pressures. When you achieve your dreams, you can show the world that you are capable of anything! 

Attitude is Everything

The solution to making excuses is straightforward. Cultivate a positive attitude and always keep your thinking optimistic even through challenges. Attitude is everything. The human brain is more powerful than you think it is. If you think positively, your mind will give you more persistence. You will be able to think clearer and focus more on achieving your dream. It's true! 

Have confidence in yourself. You may believe you cannot achieve something, which is a crucial issue. Doubting yourself is negative thinking; the more you think you cannot do something, the more your brain will take it as the truth. This may seem like stereotypical advice, but it is true. You have the power to surprise yourself and demonstrate that positive thinking can go a long way. 

Many things are in your control, such as your attitude and determination, which is to your advantage. Focus on what you can control and be prepared for what you cannot. 

To Achieve a Big Goal, Set Small Goals

When planning to execute a significant goal, it is comforting and beneficial to set small goals throughout the process. These small milestones will allow you to see your progress and show that you are one step closer to the finish line. Carefully plan your milestones and give yourself enough time to complete them. As you think about your long-term goal, create a road map that will guide you throughout the process. Setting goals does not have to be complicated. 

It is up to you to achieve your dreams, you are the boss, and you can see your vision. There is nothing wrong with seeking support and encouragement from others. From talking with family or friends or seeking a guidance coach, there are many resources you can turn to to help you. 

One way to enjoy extra motivation is to listen to positive podcasts about empowerment and reaching your goals. Yes Girl Career Coaching "Tell it by Tuesday" is an excellent podcast to start with and check out this video to see it in action.

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Article by Njumele Rollack, Njumele Patrick-Rollack, Njumele Patrick


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